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Nonfictional stuph to browse through...

The following is in alphabetical order
Title Author File Size(bytes)
Approaching Zero Paul Mungo, Bryan Glough 476,027
The Baudy World of the Byte Bandit Gordon Meyer, Jim Thomas 88,788
Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet EFF 432,083
Cyberspace Declaration of Independence John Perry Barlow 7,923
The Ethics of Hacking Dissident 5,316
FBI Director's Speech at '97 International Computer Crime Convention -- 21,428
The Hacker Crackdown Bruce Sterling 687,007
Cyberpunk FAQ
Hackers, Heros of Computer Revolution Steven Levy 99,289
Hackers, Terrorists and Spies ? 17,535
Interview with William Gibson -- 24,724
Mentor's Last Words The Mentor 3,444
MIT Jargon File could it be: MIT? 1,107,034
National Security in the Information Age Matthew G. Devost 189,537
NSA Security Guidelines NSA :) 53,528
On the government and encryption from "Future of Freedom Foundation June 95" 11,750
The Online World. Guide to availible online offerings, network, etc Odd de Presno 601,629
Zen and the Art of Internet Brendan P. Kehoe 163,958

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