ࡱ> y   !"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>?@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_`abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxz{|}~Root Entry F=%TWordDocument CompObj^commits "crimes" in areas of social activity that haven't even been defined yet, much less successfully criminalized. A serious legal study of this woman's spectrum of activities would be like a CAT-scan of the American unconscious. There's also Bart Nagel, who is too nice a guy to be in the company of these people. Almost everything in this swell book is completely true. Except for everything about me. And my closest co- conspirators. We actual cyberpunks-- by this I mean *science fiction writers*, dammit, the people for whom the c-word was invented, the people who were professionally ahead of our time and were cyberpunks *twelve years ago*-- we never sneer and we never dress like, God forbid, Tom Wolfe. We just laugh at inappropriate times (like when testifying in Congress) and we dress and act just like industrial design professors. I hope this brief intro clears up any confusion. If you have any trouble at all with this book, take full advantage of your online d00dship and send email. Don't be afraid to ask "stupid" questions-- that's what the Internet is for! Ask nice, big, broad, open-ended questions. Stuff like "I'm doing a term paper so please tell me everything you know about cyberspace" or "I'm cyberpunk fan from Bulgaria and Enlgish not too good, but please say more what is about Virtual Reality?" Just don't send the email to me, of course. Send email to them. After this book, they deserve it! I feel sure that you'll get prompt answers that will surprise you. ............................................................. ............................................................. ======================================================== | | | The | | Authors | | Explain: | | | | A Technical Guide To This Technical Guide | | | ======================================================== WORDS IN BOLDFACE (enclosed in double <> for the ASCII version) These are terms that are defined in *Building Your Cyber Word Power*. Check there for anything that baffles you. Sometimes there's a double-anglebrace-enclosed term in the text that refers to a chapter subheading, and then you must practice your <> in order to find it. If all else fails, you could ask Bruce Sterling at his secret email address-- bruces@well.com. He will know. THE SHURIKEN AWARDS We may sometimes succumb to the temptation to rate things the way snotty critics do, by awarding stars. However, we will award them as *shuriken*, a cyber kinda star: ^ ^ ^ < X > < X > < X > v v v A shuriken is a throwing star-- a shiny-steel, sharp-edged, sharp-pointed weapon from Japan (which is cyberpunk's original home in certain misty urban legends). The shuriken itself as an assault weapon would rate one-half shuriken on a scale of four. A hydrogen bomb would rate five shuriken. You get the idea. Occasionally we may add Propeller Beanies to the Shuriken: <<>> <<>> <<>> __|__ __|__ __|__ /_____\ /_____\ /_____\ This indicates nerdly interest over and above a cyberpunk rating. Propeller head is an ancient term for <>. The real name for that key on the Macintosh is not COMMAND, but PROPELLER, and this is why. _________________ /| |\ | | || | | _/_ O || | | ( C O/ \O || | | \__/ O || | /\_________________/\| \/____________________\/ ===============ܥe# *,l,l  (THf&MS Sans Serif Symbol SystemTimes New RomanTimes New Roman0Courier NewCourier New The Real Cyberpunk Fakebook

The Real Cyberpunk Fakebook, by St. Jude, R.U. Sirius
and Bart Nagel    (C)1995 Ken Goffman and Jude Milhon

This file contains the first three and half chapters.

*****     THE
*****     REAL
*****     CYBERPUNK
*****     FAKEBOOK
*****     By St. Jude, R.U.Sirius, and Bart Nagel

   For all our parents and lovers and housemates and 
children  and friends, for the Cypherpunks, for 
Kevin Crow, Nesta Stubbs, The Omega, Phiber, 
and hackers everywhere.

|                                                      |
|    INTRODUCTION to The Real Cyberpunk Fakebook       |
|                  by Bruce Sterling,                  |
|              A Renowned Cyberpunk Writer             |
|                                                      |

I like this book so much that I'm thinking of changing 
my name to St.Erling.  You couldn't ask for better guides to
faking cyberpunk than these two utterly accomplished Bay Area
fraudsters.  These two characters are such consummate boho
hustlers that they make Aleister Crowley look like Rebecca of
Sunnybrook Farm.
I don't believe in smart drugs, and I've never believed 
in smart drugs, but I do believe the following.  It's 
genuinely useful to society to have some small, contained
fraction of reckless fools who are willing to consume 
untested and unknown devices and substances.  Sure, most of
them will have their hearts explode or break out into great
purple bleeding thalidomide warts.  But who knows, maybe 
someday one of these jaspers will be eating handfuls of 
psychoactive crap out of some hippie pharmacy and he or she
will suddenly learn to read Japanese in the original in six
days.  That's not at all likely, but it could happen-- grant me the
The only drawback to this decentralized, libertarian, 
free-market regime of biomedical research is that you have to
be ruthlessly prepared to sacrifice certain people-- just 
write 'em off, basically, like a cageful of control hamsters
down at the NIMH.  And if I ever met a man uniquely suited to
this particular cutting-edge role in life, it is R.U. Sirius. R. U. 
Sirius basically resembles Gomez Addams in a purple
fedora with an Andy Warhol badge pinned to the brim.  The 
moment I met R.U., I felt a strong need to pith him and 
examine his viscera.  I'm sure there are many other freelance
biomedical researchers who will feel the same intellectual 
impulse.  Read this book and you'll see what I mean.
Then there's this saint person.  Never draw to an inside 
straight.  Never eat at a place called Mom's.  And never eat
a bag of ephedrine and a pumpkin pie  ("the *whip* of 
vegetables!") from a California blonde who doesn't even have
a real name.  This female personage is so appallingly cagey 
that even her main squeeze delights in cryptographically 
baffling the NSA.  If Pat Buchanan ever gets his not-so-
secret wish and sets up a domestic American gulag for 
counterculture thought-criminals, the Judester's gonna be 
way, *way* up on the list-- maybe even number two, right after Bob Dobbs.
 Her trial's likely to prove rather 
interesting, however, as she only ==========================================

***  SECTION I: CYBERPUNK... WHY??  OKAY-- HOW???  ***
 /Why Bother?  Big Wins! (and Unexpected Smallstuff)/

 /Being It or Faking It/

 /Recognizing Them and Fitting In/



 + A Dictionary of Terminally Hip Jargon and Useful

 + A Cyberpunk Phrasebook, with Hip Conversational
   Ploys for Winning Without a Clue  

 /But Didn't/

 /But Should Know About/ 

 /Even if You Never Go Online/

*****     SECTION III: CYBERPUNK... DOING IT!    *****

/A Child's First Book of Piracy, Intrusion & Espionage/

+ Advice to Newbies
+ Haqr Mind, Haqr Smarts
+ Social Engineering for Fun and Profit 

 /Or How to Fake It/

+ Computers, Modems, Encryption Programs
+ Plus Terminally Hip Extras: 
   Laptops, Heads-up Displays, Personal Communicators, 
   Pagers...  Or 
+ Realistic Balsa Mock-ups to Please Your Budget

 /How to Win Friends, Score Information, and Intrigue 
   the Apposite Sex/

+ Starting Out Right
+ Writing a Kewl dot.plan,
+ Designing a Non-lame dot.sig
+ Location, Location, Location-- What Your Eddress Says 
   About YOU. 
+ Beyond Attitude-- What???
+ Netiquette
+ Art of the Flame
+ Online Poise: Cool in a MUD, Uncowed in a MOO

 /Sorry, that's just a little joke/

Chapter 12/ WHERE TO HANG
 /Finding the Cool Places in Cyberspace/

+ Will the Net Kill Hacking?  An Introductory Rant
+ IRCs, BBSes, MUDs, MOOs and MUSEs, Special Interest 
   Groups, With a Special Word About alt.sex.bestiality 

*****   SECTION IV: CYBERPUNK... THE SCENE       *****

Chapter 13/ FACE TIME
 /Pleased to Meat You?/

+ Hacking Your Face2face IRL Persona 
+ The Mandatory Black Leather Jacket
+ Leather Trousers? 
+ Boots, Hair
+ Wearable Electronics: What's Chic, What's Rancid?
   And Buttons/Badges/Insignia, With a Special Warning
   About StarFleet Gear
+ Street Cred and Martial Arts

 /And High-Tech ToyZ/

+ Fun With Your Cellular Phone
+ One Hundred Uses for Your Laser Pointer
+ Laminator 2: Identity Hacking
+ Why NOT to Buy a Stun Gun or a Nerve-Gas Dispenser or 
   a TASER

Chapter 15/ GAMES!

+ Video Games & Computer Games
   Fast-twitch Muscle Games, Exploration Games,
   Weird or X-Rated Games, Slacker Computer Games
+ Offline Games
   Magic, Hacker, The Glass Bead Game, DD&D

 /Trends, Faves and Hates/

+ Interior Decorating Tips and Stylin Furnishings,
  Amusing Potted Plants, Stickers, Posters and Logos
+ What to Put on Top of Your Computer Monitor and Why
+ Nerd Comic Strips  
+ Haqr Basic Diet, Stunt Foods & Intimidating Soft Drinks
+ Music That Doesn't Suck 
+ Squeaky/Cuddly Toys With Really Good Rationalizations 
+ Rubik's Hypercubes or Rubik's Dodecahedrons or Rubik's
   Other Strange Shapes and Hi-Tech Intellectual Adult  
   Transformers In the Shape of
   Interlocked Rings, Chains, Blocks, Helices, and Platonic
   Solids That Shapeshift into Other Configurations of Rings,
   Chains, Etc Etc But Only If
    You Do Them Exactly Right, Which Is Very Difficult
     Or Impossible, but Which Gather Dust, Take Up Lots of
       Room On Your Monitor, and 
         Taunt and Sneer at You
            Every Time You Look at Them. 


 (Yes, Just as We Promised-- REVEALED!)

+ Why Cyberpunks Seldom Have Their Organs Pierced
+ The Real Reason Why Cyberpunks Need to Encrypt Their Email
+ What Cyberpunks Are Doing at 3 AM in That Dumpster
+ Why Cyberpunks Avoid Altered States
+ Coping With Neurotoxins
+ Why Some Cyberpunks Love Star Trek Even Though It Sucks, 
+ When Cyberpunks Always Diss What is Lame and Useless 
+ What Cyberpunks Actually Admire, and Why
+ Secret Cyberpunk Handshaking, Signals and Head Motions

 /The Tao of Punk; The Secret Dancing Masters of Cyber; 
   And Everything You Wanted to Know 
      About Cyber But
        Were Too Lame
           To Ask/

+ The Hidden Hierarchy of Cyberpunk Revealed, from Bottom to 

 /Sects and Politics... and Recipes/

+ Disclaimer and Waiving of All Rights           
+ Declaration of Age >> 21 and An Anti-Suicide Pact


 /Cyberpunk Skull-Tweakers and Fun Fare/

+ The All-Cyber Cryptic Crossword Puzzle
+ Name That Nym!
+ Three-Letter-Acronyms From H.E.C.K. Cryptic Crossword
   Puzzles, Twisters and Max Headroom Memorial Rebuses

Chapters 21/ 22/, and Of Course 23/ BOTTOM LINE TIME
 /Making It or Faking It/
A Cyberpunk Review to Prepare you, and then
*****************THE FINAL EXAM *****************
 It's Not True/False, We Don't Grade on the Curve, 
You Won't Like This Either But It's for Your Own Good,

................-..That Is All..-.....................


APPENDIX A: Cyberpunk Valorized:
 Careers Under Deconstruction
The Semiosis of Black Leather, Chrome, Mirrorshades 
  and Modems




Now, Welcome to.the Text..............................

*****     THE
*****     REAL
*****     CYBERPUNK
*****     FAKEBOOK
*****     By St. Jude, R.U.Sirius, and Bart Nagel*****

+ SECTION I:                                         +         
+             CYBERPUNK...WHY??                      +
+                         Okay... HOW???             +
+                                                    +

Chapter 1: 
 Why Bother? Big Wins! (and Unexpected Smallstuff)

Cyberpunk is extremely hip.  Being extremely hip is the last 
hope for people with no money and no power.  Being hip gets 
you big wins in the status game.  Hipness can crush your 
enemies and attract the apposite sex.  Best of all, cyberpunk 
is the next big thing AFTER the next big thing.  You can hop 
on the cyberpunk bandwagon and coast for a long, long time.  
Think of the money you'll save on wardrobe updates!  The 
worry you'll save on lifestyle decisions!  

Cyberpunk has not yet been co-opted.  In fact, this handbook 
is the very first exploitation of this hip new underground 
trend.  This is the ground floor.  Get in on it!  

             Being It or Faking It

What is there to know about being a cyberpunk?  Leather 
jacket, mirrorshades-- that just about does it, right?  This 
kind of patronizing shirt must farking DIE.*

*Since we can't afford to offend any parental units who might 
*purchase this book for their family circle, all chancy verbs 
*and nouns have been cleverly encyphered.  This is in the 
*spirit of true cyberpunkhood, see <>.

You think cyberpunk is just a leather jacket, some chrome 
studs, and fully reflective sunglasses?  You think that's all 
there is?  Hah!  You can find those on Kansas City bikers and 
the whole California Highway Patrol.  The true cyberpunk 
might tuck a *cellular-modem laptop* under a spiked leather 
arm, and a *laser pointer* in the upper zip pocket.  Or, a true cyberpunk may
look just like YOU.  But sHe** who knows 
doesn't tell, and **hirm who tells doesn't know. 

**Pronoun disclaimer:
**All pronouns in this book started life as intact males--
**he, his, and him.  If anything bad happened to them 
**afterwards, blame it on the Riot Grrrls Bobbitt Squad.

The lifestyle and goals of the true cyberpunk are carefully 
guarded secrets in a life *totally devoted* to coolness and 
secrecy.  We will PIERCE THE VEIL, and REVEAL those SECRETS.  
We will display for you the INNER CYBERPUNK.  We will give 
you everything you need to know about embarking on this 
challenging lifestyle.  When you have read to the end of this 
EASY handbook, if you DON'T pass the hipness quiz... well, 
just read it again.  But turn your TV up louder.

           Recognizing Them and Fitting In 

While a cyberpunk is commonly a middleclass white male with way too many
electrons, there are varieties of cyberpunk.  Underlying all the types and
genres is Basic Cyber Style, which breaks down to physical gear and mental

--->Basic Cyberpunk Gear 
is simple.  Black leather jacket.  Boots.  Mirrorshades.  Laser pointer.  (We
don't know why all cyberpunks need a laser pointer, but it's mandatory.)
 We'll give you a more elaborate guide to basic cyberpunk gear.  Later.  

--->The Basic Cyberpunk Attitude 
is quiet assurance.  Subdued swashbuckling.  Maybe a little menace.

With these cyberpunk basics you can navigate through all the sub-genres.  But
if you want to pass as a native in a particular cyber sub-scene without
getting jeered at or beaten up, you gotta accessorize, and pay close
attention to detail.  

>>>>Motorpsycho Maniacs
Cyberbikers pack the mystique of both worlds-- high tech, and big greasy loud
engines.  Standard cyberpunk costume is ideal for riding motorcycles, and a
mirrorshades helmet is a big plus for the cyber look-- mega robotic coolness.
 Motorcycles are dangerous and can kill you.  This is also cool.

>>>>Goths, Deathcore, and Vampire-Wannabes
Ideally, for this sub-scene, you should know about The Cure,
which is a band.  To fit in, grow your hair big and dye it
blueblack.  Spray it with <> to make it stick
out, medusa-like.  Go to a kidshop and buy plastic fangs. 
(The kind that glow in the dark are funny.  Funny is NOT the
object here.)  All sexes should wear a Victorian shirt-- 
blouse-- white or black only--- that gapes to show flesh.  You
must practice looking tormented, tall and thin.  The ideal is
chalk-white face makeup with blueblack eyesockets.  Blueblack
makeup with white eyesockets is untested, but might work very
well, if you avoid a minstrel look.  At all times think 
intensity and torment.  Torment...and ironic bitterness.  No 
giggling or snickering, no kidding.

>>>>Riot Grrrls!
These are fierce girls who like tech.  This is a sexist 
category, but there we are: girls only.  A grrrl can be 
called "d00d" and "guy" at all times, but a non-female guy
is not a grrrl.  This is just the way things are.
If you're a grrrl, you can wear anything you want to, 
because you're there to defend it.  This is true for anybody,
really-- look as tough as you wanta be, and be ready to back
it up.  Fierce is good.  Grrrls with tech expertise are
irresistible.  NOTHING is more attractive than a fierce, 
blazing, ninja-type grrrl right now, and if she knows UNIX 
or phone-freeking, the world is hers.  Hrrrs.  

Don't worry about this one.  This scene is free, loving,
noncomforming, spontaneous.  You can dress any old way 
and fit right in...
Unless you don't look cool.  

Maybe you should stick to basic cyberpunk.  Dancing in 
leather is hot as h*ck, but sweating is better than not 
looking cool.  Non-cyber ravers favor floppy hats, five 
kinds of plaid 'n' paisley, and multiple organ piercings. 
They sometimes take raver drugs.  These drugs make you fonder
of other people than you really want to be.  (The morning-
after Revulsion hangovers can be nasty.)  In this scene, 
pretending to be on raver drugs is recommended, and easy, 
too.  Unfocus your eyes and smile lovingly.  In black leather
you won't have to worry so much about getting hugged.

>>>>Academic Cyber-Wannabes
Students, teachers, whatever, dress down.  Like you're always
en route to a garage sale...maybe to donate what you're
wearing.  Casual.  Jeans, black leather jacket, laser
pointer.  No tweed, notice, and no Birkenshtocken.  If you
flash paperbacks by Arthur Kroker, Paul Virilio and Jean
Baudrillard, it means you're serious.  Paperbacks by Mark
Leyner and Kathy Acker means you're *way past* serious. 

Some of these people come from Texas or Oklahoma.  In this crew, to yr
cyberbasics you add a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, and grow any hair you've got
really LONG.  Males should try to get hair somewhere on their faces.

>>>>Science Fiction Writers
Full-steam straight-ahead hard edge, with a permanent sneer.  Just to twist
heads, some males writers go for the Tom Wolfe effete look-- blue blazer and
wing-tips.  Still they sneer.  

>>>>Web Crawlers and Other Bourgeois Types
You don't really care about this one, do you?  You do?  Subscribe to WIRED.

>>>>Deep Geek: 
Supernerds, Hackers, Wizards, Phone Phreakers
Things get difficult here.  Deep geekware is unstandard.
  Very heavy Wizards can look like accountants, or like 
streetpeople.  Facial hair and Goodwill Casual happen a lot.
  Chubby happens too, since these guys don't do enough 
dancing in leather pants.  To get along in this scene, you 
really need to be very smart, very funny, or very sexy.  To 
work yourself up to smart at least, learn UNIX.  Or carry 
the 2600 zine in your back pocket and read that.  Practice
being technical.  But until you get good, wear your 
cyberbasics and never leave home without your laser pointer.
This will draw the admiration of people who don't know any 
better, which has its own rewards.  Leading us inevitably to
the final category...

>>>>Phonies, Poseurs and Pretenders: 
Taking the Easy Way In
Don't think: scheme!  Forget about reading books, buy no 
computers or widgets.  Don't do or buy anything.  Save all
your money for clothes and art materials.  Make your 
girl/boyfriend help you assemble your hi-tek models-- you're
gonna need mockups of a laptop computer, a personal 
communicator, a beeper, maybe even a fake stun-gun.  Realism
is key.  Then wear them all with *attitude*.  You're better
than real.  Strut.  Sneer.  Remember the 3 disses: distrust,
disrespect, distroy.  Wait, that's not right, is it?

We know there are going to be mutterings about this category.
Grumblings that being a poseur is not as easy as we think.  
A poseur has a lot of overhead-- in worry, just for starts--
what if you're exposed as <>?  And staying locked
to the HOTWIRED Website to catch what you should be 
imitating?  Dang. 

         ___                       ___
        |                             |
        |                             |

             [Photo of Billy Idol
                  Goes Here]

        |                             |
        |__                         __|

+  SECTION II:                                       +
+                 CYBERPUNK...                       +
+                                                    +
+              KNOWING ABOUT IT!                     +

Chapter 4: Building Your Cyber Word Power

Part 1: 
     A Dictionary of Terminally Hip Jargon and 
              Useful Expressions
<>:  A word made from the initials of a name or phrase.  Such as
TLA.  Three-Letter Acronym.  Right.

<>:  As far as I know.  An <>, in <>.

<>:  Artificial Intelligence.  The next best thing to real.

<>:  Also known as.  An acronym coined by the FBI in its popular Most
Wanted lists.

<>:  Among <>, a former AT&T trademark which refers to
teleconferencing systems.

<>:  Somebody who feels that governments are an unreasonable
restraint on free humans' being.

<>:  An anarchist who hopes to bring down the
established order by persuading everybody to  <> their email.  

<>:  There's no handle like NO handle.  Being completely unknown
means you can't be traced.  Maybe.  You can be anonymous online by bouncing
your email or postings through <>.  Who are you?  Only penet.fi
knows for sure.

<>:  This is the most intense hairspray on the planet, for
that BIG <> hair.  Since you're being so attentive, here's a bonus goth

        Sun!  Hide white skin, run-- 
         Burning, cloaked, I run... day sky!...
          Must... find... Aquanet

<>:  An <> for... well, nobody remembers what it's an acronym
for, but it means just plain keyboard characters, like your <> is
made of.  This is a portrait of R.U. Sirius rendered in ascii art:

   #     ____     #
   #  __/=$==\_)  #  #   //-OO-\\   #
   #  >>( _  )>>\  /<<>:  Strutting.  Sneering.  Being BAD.  Attitude is what all
primates do to make their enemies feel inadequate.  Keep it in mind.

<>:  Expresses the whole range of haqr negative emotions, from
dysgruntlement up through horrible contempt, as in response to <>.

<>:  A haqr evil laugh.  Other common evil laughs are BYaa-hahah and

<>:  Old haqr term for exclamation point.  Sometimes bangs are a series
of characters to add emphasis: w00t@%$%$@!

<>:  A computerized bulletin-board system.  Imagine a bulletin board in
the sky.  It's subdivided with topic labels.  The cards displayed under each
topic are email postings.  You read them to follow the conversations.  You
can add your own comments or rebuttals.  Some boards have a chat area where
you can talk real-time, sort of like ham radio.  The underground BBS chat
areas are hangout places where bored hacker/phreaker types exchange quips and
insults.  Good H/P boards have libraries of up-to-date info on tools of the

<>:  Not ready for prime time.  This comes from
the beta phase of program testing, when bugs are collected from patient users
up for major <>.  "In beta" can describe anything unpleasing or
forked up.  If it's really <>, it can be called ALPHA-release, which
is software still being tested in-house, by programmers and unlucky

<>:  Used to refer to the place you went OUT to, with one big
bright light up there or else many small ones, you know?  Now means the place
you go INTO, the new Big Room-- Cyberspace.

<>:  Untrue.  Unreal.  A spoof.  Also, bogosity, which is the state of
being bogus, and bogon, a unit of bogosity.  Then there's the bogometer...

<>:  Bohemian.  Means like, counter-cultural.  Underground.
 Alternative, with people in black clothes.

<>:  Using a gadget to get free phone calls.  The Red Box plays the
tones of coins registering in a pay phone.  The Rainbow Box incorporates many
previous boxes in one diabolical widget, thanks to our Dutch buddies.  

<>:  A <> into the phone company itself, allowing multiple
<> to cross-talk, like a high-tech, illegal party line.
 Appropriating the phone company's own <> systems is considered good

<>:  By the way, in <>.

<>:  Making purchases on a phony or stolen credit account.  The card
as a physical chunk of plastic has become more or less irrelevant.

<>:  Non-hacking hacker.  Sometimes this is a haqr who has been

<>:  (by analogy from "a homeless"??)  One who doesn't get it
and is doomed.

<>:  Phone numbers and authorization codes that allow you to make
phree fonecalls.

<>:  A person whose purpose in life is finding ways to make phree
fone calls.  This is a terrible thing to call someone.  Much worse than

<>:  Shortlist for oblivion.  By analogy to hotlist. 

<>:  Convention, or maybe it was Conference-- nobody cares any more.  A
Con is a gathering of haqrz.  There are several every year.  The most famous
is Hacking at the End of the Universe, held by the former Hac-tic in
Amsterdam.  Next is Hacking On Planet Earth, HOPE, and two infamous Cons are
in Austin TX-- SummerCon, in the summer, and HoHoCon, figure it out.

<>:  Haqr wannabes who don't figure out how to do things for th
emselves.  They copy down procedures for hacking computers or fones and
follow the instructions, like using a cookbook.  Everybody has to start out
this way.  Get over it.

<>:  A pirate whose raw material is the society itself.  A
<> specialist, who takes the <> of the culture on wild

<>:  Somebody who breaks the copy protection on computer
games or intrudes into other people's computers.  Or invades cyberspace in
strange ways.  Or pirates any of the media.  See <> and <>
and <>.

<>:  Freezing your body (or just your head, in the budget plan) so
that you can be revived (or provided with a whole-body transplant) at some
time in the future when 
1. they can do that sort of thing, and 
2. they really WANT to do that sort of thing for frozen heads like you.  See

<>:  Cryptology is the study of <>.
 Cryptography is doing it.  See <> for a full rundown.

<>:  1. A citizen of cyberspace.  2. A citizen of cyberspace who
wears mirrorshades indoors, at night.

<>:  The planetary Net linked by phonelines and satellites, whose
nodes are computers and human beings.  An online metaverse that's now realler
than what's outside your window.  

<>:  A tourist on the info highway.  A <>, a Web
Browser.  If artists and nerds are sort of squatting or homesteading their
homepages, cyber-yups create theirs as investment property. 
<>:  A guerrilla in the war for privacy and lots more

<>:  A <> of people interested in cryptology and

<>:  Antisocial.  Evil.  Weird.  Someone who dares things you
wouldn't, or couldn't.

<>:  This is supposed to be plural.  These data.  If you don't wanna
deal with that, see <>.

<>:  What cyberpunks in NEUROMANCER typed on and jacked in through...
like a keyboard with phonejacks that plug into YOU.

<>:  For the specs for deep geek, see Chapter Three.

<>:  <> to the <>.

<>:  Cultural hijacking.  Taking something that has a usual
meaning and making it play your way.  A detournement is a cultural <>.

<>:  Wrangling over standards and protocols, as in the
<>.  Dharma is Buddhist for the principles of operation for the
universe.  Lots of <> are Buddhists, Buddhist-wannabes, or
<>:  The Philosopher's Stone of the nineties.  Or maybe the
Brooklyn Bridge.  And good luck with it.

<>:  Do it yourself.  A part of haqr mind, see Chapter Eight.

<>:  This is part of the eddress that humans use.  If you
subscribe to an online service, like US Online, your domain eddress is
theirs.  Your whole eddress is whatever your handle is-- say skulldrool--
plus the server's domain name, like so:  skulldrool@usol.com.  Top level
domain names are countries, like .au for australia, or categories, like .com,
for company, .org for organization, .gov for the government, .mil for the
military, etc.  Domain names can be bought, and maybe they can be hacked.
 For example, if I had a military-industrial complex, I might hack an eddress
like dark.satanic.mil.  

<>:  This is a file in your home directory within UNIX that people
can read when they <> you.  Your dot.plan file (actually it's just
.plan) is where you put your advertisements for yourself.  A typical dot.plan
might start with a motto or a fave quote, such as, "In theory, there's no
difference between theory and practice.  But in practice, there is."
 Followed by as intriguing and flattering a profile of yourself as you can
whomp together.

<>:  This is your online signature, your digigraph, which you can
tack onto the end of all your online appearances.  A dot.sig is usually made
up of thought-provoking quotes and ascii graphics.  While somebody has to
<> you to get your <>, everybody is forced to see your
dot.sig every time they read your postings or get email from you.  Think of
your dot.sig as a billboard advertising yourself.

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